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Friday, September 12, 2008

This is me circa 1975. Note the lovely avocado
and wheat color scheme.
Shag rug and paneled walls.
Country charm 'eh?
Some of my best and worst
childhood memories were
while we lived in this house.

This post we are going to reflect
on the good and in particular what
was happening in this photo.
I have just unwrapped what I had
hoped was the Barbie doll I'd asked
for. Instead it was a ....drumroll...
Holly Hobbie doll.

Even then I was into all things old fashioned.
A t.v. addict of Little House on the Prairie every week.
I wore lemon verbena perfume and collected e v e r y t h i n g!
My favorite vacation spot was Cades Cove, North Carolina.
I loved when my grandparents would stop the car
and let me wander through time that had stood still in the
remaining buildings, left there. It just captured me and my imagination,
forever binding me to all things vintage.
So of course this had to be why my parents-
when faced with my request for a fluffy confection
of blond tresses-looked at each other and thought; that's not for her.

If you, like me, love crafting and better yet,
with all things time worn with character.
Please visit Kenner Road the baby of Kerry Lynn Yeary
and subscribe to a kit-you wont be disappointed!!
I know I will be! Join their blog party, to have your name
entered to win! I know I would love to win a kit OR subscription!!
posted by Jeannie at 11:40 PM


Wow, that should have been me in those days. I collected everything Holly Hobbie and would have been very disappointed if I got a Barbie! LOL You have a fantastic blog!

9:49 AM  

fab good ol times it! That kenner site looks awsome, but sadly all subscriptions are sold out! :(

Have a fab weekend!

10:46 AM  

HAHAHAHA! I got a Holly Hobby doll, too. What's up with that! Love that photo as well!

12:15 PM  

wow, what a great photo! could be me!

1:50 PM  

We have a lot of photos like that.
Love visiting your blog!


2:38 PM  

Thanks so much for sharing your story!!

3:14 PM  

{{{Jeannie}}}}...kindred spities my love!
We had the paneling, the avocado, the orange, the shag rug, the Hollie Hobbie doll!

Love your it!!!!

10:30 AM  

Oh that looks just like my childhood home!

7:36 PM  

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