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Friday, June 25, 2010

I admit it. I went over one day to check out Facebook and left my poor blog dusty. And now it is clear why I didn't miss it!!I am so sorry that this blog service, despite being programmed to post at noon today; never did.
So much has happened since my last postings. My daughter returned to Florida. In fact she is getting married this very weekend!! Plans have been underway with all that entails. I've been out with her all day doing nails, wrapping up table favors etc.

Also I have been having a great time creating for the amazing designers at Cat Scrap for the past year! And this weekend the designers got together with one palette and created matching kits for the summer. Tons of gorgeous papers, elements & templates to get all your scrapbooking pages completed. I love when you can find so many kits in the same palette. You can literally complete an entire album or 6 in one weekend!!!
And you, blog reader, get a head start on completing your first album from the collection. The creative team have all created quick pages for you from this collection! The link to my page is below. Be sure to visit Livia next for another page!

click my page to download


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Friday, September 12, 2008

This is me circa 1975. Note the lovely avocado
and wheat color scheme.
Shag rug and paneled walls.
Country charm 'eh?
Some of my best and worst
childhood memories were
while we lived in this house.

This post we are going to reflect
on the good and in particular what
was happening in this photo.
I have just unwrapped what I had
hoped was the Barbie doll I'd asked
for. Instead it was a ....drumroll...
Holly Hobbie doll.

Even then I was into all things old fashioned.
A t.v. addict of Little House on the Prairie every week.
I wore lemon verbena perfume and collected e v e r y t h i n g!
My favorite vacation spot was Cades Cove, North Carolina.
I loved when my grandparents would stop the car
and let me wander through time that had stood still in the
remaining buildings, left there. It just captured me and my imagination,
forever binding me to all things vintage.
So of course this had to be why my parents-
when faced with my request for a fluffy confection
of blond tresses-looked at each other and thought; that's not for her.

If you, like me, love crafting and better yet,
with all things time worn with character.
Please visit Kenner Road the baby of Kerry Lynn Yeary
and subscribe to a kit-you wont be disappointed!!
I know I will be! Join their blog party, to have your name
entered to win! I know I would love to win a kit OR subscription!!
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Sunday, September 07, 2008

under the hurricane

So we may or may not have a visit
from Ike-still watching the hourly updates.
I have learned that despite the best
meteorologist skills a storm will do
what it wants to do.

I wandered over to Creative Therapy
for inspiration and found the sponsor this
week is Kerry Lynn/Kenner Road. Now
this chica is seriously my cuppa!! I've
been waiting to get my mitts on her
very first monthly kit! So much so, that I
stepped away from the computer (a collective
gasp was heard)
long enough to get back to my altered
art roots and work on the prompt: FEAR.
Yup, that is the prompt. Now I'm not sure
about you but discussing my fear is akin to
hearing"your next dentist appointment is".
much rather put it away and forget it. (Like
the appointment card that immediately got
lost in the bottom of my purse heeheheh)

EUREKA!! That's it. I've created a Inro.
From a match box even! Inside I've placed my
fears and rolled them up and shut the box.
I've put my fear in the box and it cannot
bother me or scare me. VOILA!
So here it is! Thanks for stopping by! :)
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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sports, storms and me

We are watching the hurricane congo line
and hoping for the best.

I am so happy
Notre Dame won!!
Final Score 21-13!!

Hoping the FL
Gators win
tonight too!!

Tomm. is the Nascar Nationwide & Sprint cup
race (back to back racing due to Hurricane Hanna)
Come back and see photos of my an altered project
I've been working on during all this football ;)
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Until I figure out where to permanently place this video on my blog it will be here at this post.
I lost my brother and former husband to suicide.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Go pick up this DIgital Artist Magazine

Run out and pick up this months Digital Artist Magazine at your favorite online retailer! I have a layout in there, there is a great kit included and 131 pages!!! WoW!!

So that is one thing I couldn't tell you and the other is still a secret for now.

I had a great time guest designing for Shabby Miss Jenn again last month; sorry to see February end!

In other great news, my daughter is returning home tomm. morning. We have been converting a portion of the porch into a room for her at our house. It is nearly done!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some great news!

My layout for the 2nd Laundry Line Basket Challenge at Jen Wilson Designs is being featured at Digital Gallery Standouts!! So thrilling to work on a page and have it noticed by your peers!

In other news, my daughter is coming back home Sunday. She had moved to Oregon with her BF. It didn't work out unfortunately. And for that part of it, my heart hurts for her. Having hopes for a bright future and that dreampt future unrealized is always a letdown. I hope that at some point she will see that going through that is part of a bigger puzzle preparing her for the next phase in her life. I've been reading A New Earth, can you tell? We look forward to picking her up on Sunday!

Go check out the new things from two of my favorite designers; Jen Wilson and Sausan Designs!!
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