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Sunday, September 07, 2008

under the hurricane

So we may or may not have a visit
from Ike-still watching the hourly updates.
I have learned that despite the best
meteorologist skills a storm will do
what it wants to do.

I wandered over to Creative Therapy
for inspiration and found the sponsor this
week is Kerry Lynn/Kenner Road. Now
this chica is seriously my cuppa!! I've
been waiting to get my mitts on her
very first monthly kit! So much so, that I
stepped away from the computer (a collective
gasp was heard)
long enough to get back to my altered
art roots and work on the prompt: FEAR.
Yup, that is the prompt. Now I'm not sure
about you but discussing my fear is akin to
hearing"your next dentist appointment is".
much rather put it away and forget it. (Like
the appointment card that immediately got
lost in the bottom of my purse heeheheh)

EUREKA!! That's it. I've created a Inro.
From a match box even! Inside I've placed my
fears and rolled them up and shut the box.
I've put my fear in the box and it cannot
bother me or scare me. VOILA!
So here it is! Thanks for stopping by! :)
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